Thermia Nano Ablative RF Fractional
Lift, Anti Aging and Skin Treatments

Thermia Nano Ablative RF Fractional works by transferring radio-frequency waves via contacting 160 microneedles into the surface of the skin. This leads to the formation of delicate micro-canals (nano-size) at the surface of the skin that in turn, the neighboring tissues of affected micro-canals are stimulated and by induction of fibroblasts (cells producing collagen and elastin) causes the diffusion of collagen and elastin as well as reinforces the textures of the skin and the canals are renewed with new skin.
Finally, this performance along with coagulation results in rejuvenation and the treatment of skin disorders. This process aids to the increase in the levels of collagen and for effective Lift, Anti Aging and Skin Treatments.

Treatment with Thermia RF Fractional is associated with the least pain and it seems that the commune period is low. After the treatment, your skin will be red-colored and a sense of warmness is felt on the skin.
After 24 hours of treatment, the appearance of your skin will be similar to the before (normal condition) and you will be able to perform your chores.
Irritation sense disappears after 24 hours and the results of the treatment will gradually emerge.

The RF Fractional results of treatment are obviously observed after each session of treatment and skin rejuvenation. However, the best outcomes are achieved by 3 sessions of treatment.
The exact number of treatment sessions depends on the conditions of the person, the intended treatment and the region of treatment.

The time for treatment in each session relies on the type of treatment and also, the region that is at the range of 15 to 30 minutes.
The nano-ablative fractional Thermia equipment is the latest generation of available fractional facilities and also, is one of the strongest non-invasive facilities in the field of skin rejuvenation and beauty.
Thermia equipment has a needle cartridge, modern technology with 160 delicate needles.
The dimensions of the needle tip are 20*150 micron that these fine needles are capable of inducing nano effects in the skin which not only are effective in enhancing the levels of elastin and collagen, but also can remedy the disorder without any pain or complication.
After the treatment with Thermia, you can immediately perform your daily works and the commune period will be completely short.
In contrast to the available RF fractions, the Thermia system is equipped with the intelligent technology of determining the amount of energy needed for improving the treatment performance and also, using this facility, you are enabled to do a vast range of treatments compared to the other treatment strategies and even, CO2 fractional equipment.

Lowest adverse effects among all the radio-frequency facilities in the world
Stimulating the production of collagen and elastin using radio-frequency waves
The permanent and natural results
Safe and compatible treatment (the radiofrequency waves have no harmful effects on the body).

Based on the Nano Ablative treatment type and the region that undergoes remediation, treatments may be a little inconvenient. However, the treatments are not painful and are capable of being easily performed in most of the people.
At the area of treatment, a sense of severe warmness similar to the sunlight burn is felt and the face is red-colored after treatment.
For more invasive treatments, you may use local anesthesia to diminish any inconveniences.
The important note is that you will experience the least sense of pain with Thermia compared to the other treatment methods such as Lasers or Fractionals.

Be sure that your skin is clean. Before the treatment, lotion, cream, perfume and make up should be avoided. One week before treatment, do not tan yourself.
If there are a lot of hairs on the intended area for treatment, you should shave them. Besides, answer the questions of the technician with honesty and carefully.

You should use sunscreen (SPF 30) to maintain the results of treatment and inhibit the sunlight-mediated damage.
After each treatment session and for two days, you have to prevent severe exercise, hot bath and massage at the treated area.
Clean your skin and protect it against sunlight, and, prevent any tanning with sunlight or solarium by 10 days after treatment.
At first 24 hours (or 5 days for invasive treatments), you should perform the items recommended by the treatment center.

In contrast to the most of the rejuvenation strategies that are either dangerous for the dark skin types or have high side effects, treatment with Thermia is safe for all races, all skin kinds, particularly for the dark colors and also, tanned skin.