A miracle of youth with Thermia

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This equipment works by transferring radio-frequency waves via contacting 160 microneedles into the surface of the skin. This leads to the formation of delicate micro-canals (nano-size) at the surface of the skin that in turn, the neighboring tissues of affected micro-canals are stimulated and by induction of fibroblasts (cells producing collagen and elastin) causes the diffusion of collagen and elastin as well as reinforces the textures of the skin and the canals are renewed with new skin.
Finally, this performance along with coagulation results in rejuvenation and the treatment of skin disorders.
This process aids to the increase in the levels of collagen and elastin fibers and as a consequence, the skin would be more transparent and firmer.
Thermia can perform the skin rejuvenation and treatment with transferring the radio-frequency waves into the various layers of skin without doing surgery or incision.
This heat stimulates fibroblasts and results in synthesize of collagen and elastin.

Thermia is the Best Nano Ablative RF Fractional for Lift and Anti Aging

Using the FDA approved technology

Appropriate for all skin kinds & Types (even tanned skin)
Lowest commune period
Usable in all regions of body
Using the FDA-approved technology
Minimal commune period
Utilizable in all areas of body

Why Thermia?

Thermia performs the rejuvenation and treatment of skin disorders from depth to the surface of skin and in this kind of treatment

How does Thermia work?

Thermia Nano Ablative RF Fractional performs the rejuvenation and treatment of skin disorders from depth to the surface of skin and in this kind of treatment, the commune period is low and there is no need to have surgery. Over time, dramatic and invisible changes in the skin result in creation of lines, wrinkles and thickness of skin. Thermia transfers radio-frequency waves along with ICF technology and at the form of fractional and invasive onto the different parts of skin surface, leading to the rejuvenation and natural skin treatment. These alterations occur as a result of stimulation of collagen and elastin fibers, and also, their proliferation. The results will be visible after two weeks or one month of treatment and if you want to have the best outcomes, you should have treatment sessions based on physician recommendation.

The Thermia difference
The Thermia RF Fractional is capable of rejuvenating your skin in a low time without surgery.
The features of radio-frequency treatment:
• Non-invasive
• Low side effects
• Collagen synthesis with radio-frequency waves
• Natural results
• Safe treatment
• Skin lift, Anti Aging and rejuvenation
• The least time for skin rejuvenation
Using voltage ranges, Thermia equipment is able to create an ablation with the size of nano on skin surface that is practical in efficient rejuvenation and treatments such as scar and skin wrinkles, while in comparison with other treatment strategies such as CO2 laser, there is no need for a long period of time to re build
Thermia RF Fractional
the treatment region. The range of energy penetration is controllable and user can perform treatment at the intended depth without the needle penetration. The Thermia is the only nano-fractional equipment in the world that has needles with depth of penetration as much as 100 micron with the diameter of 150*20 micron. Without the penetration of needles into skin, the user can do the skin rejuvenation via transferring radio frequency waves.

Thermia treatments

Lift and Anti Aging

The Thermia RF Fractional equipment is the only facility approved by FDA for the skin rejuvenation and the lift and Anti Aging of the skin areas such as face, neck, under the eye and decollete.
The ideal candidates of Thermia treatments as superficial and deep are chosen as following:

•  Laxity
The additional skin and laxity

•  Quality
Wrinkles and damages resulted from sunlight

•  Age and lifestyle
Type of nutrition, exercise and so on

•  The volume of treated area
The amount of fat and its density

While the ideal candidates may experience most significant results, this equipment can perform the treatment with acceptable outcomes on all people and these treatments include rejuvenation and remediation of skin disorders in face, neck, under the eye and decollete.