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Thermia is the Best Nano Ablative RF Fractional for Lift, Anti Aging and Skin Treatment.

Facial Treatments by Thermia

Bone Lashes & Firming Skin

Best RF Fractional for Acne Scar Remedies

Improve Skin Turgor

Rejuvenation, Lift, Anti Aging, Collagen & Elastin Skin

Treatment of pigmented lesions

Transparent Skin Treatment

Cleansing Open Pores

Acne Treatment & Rosacea Treatment

Treatment of Keratosis Pilaris (Poultry skin)

Treatment of Scars due to wounds, cuts, accidents and …

Nano Blepharoplasty with Nano Ablative RF

Removes superficial and deep spots of freckle and mac (freckle)

Treating excessive secretion of skin fat

Painless and effective meso-therapy (needle free transfer)

Rejuvenation and elimination of darkening Eyes around

Body Treatments by Thermia

Treatment of excessive sweating of the armpit

Treatment of abdominal skin cracks (Stretch Mark and Striae)

Treatment of skin cracks caused by obesity and weight loss

Rejuvenation and treatment of the décolleté area